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You can use different commandline parameter to control the script

Command Description
-Url A collection of url that will be added to the list of websites the script will fetch. Must have a http or https prefix.
-Install Typing "SPBestWarmUp.ps1 -install" will create a local Task Scheduler job under credentials of the current user. Job runs every 60 minutes on the hour to help automatically populate cache after nightly IIS recycle.
-Transcript Creates a transcript log on the disk for later inspection.
-FetchStaticContent Without this switch enabled, the script will only fetch the HTML page from the SharePoint server. The static content, like e.g. pictures won't be pulled. By using this parameter the script will fetch all the pictures and javascripts from the server as well. This can be used to warm up the static caches on the servers or proxies.

Install the script in the Windows scheduler:
.\SPBestWarmUp.ps1 -Install

Fetch static content from the SharePoint server:
.\SPBestWarmUp.ps1 -FetchStaticContent

Add external url:
.\SPBestWarmUp.ps1 -Url "http://domainA.tld","https://domainB.tld"


$externalUrls = @("http://domainA.tld","https://domainB.tld")
.\SPBestWarmUp.ps1 -Url $externalUrls


# Create a file named urls.txt and add a url on each row
$externalUrls = Get-Content .\urls.txt
.\SPBestWarmUp.ps1 -Url $externalUrls

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