Project Description
Tired of waiting for SharePoint pages to load? Want something easy to support? That works on all versions? This warmup script is for you!

I used several different warmup scripts over the years. They all worked OK but each seemed to lack one or two features so I decided to create one for myself. Hopefully you find it useful too.

Key Features
  • Supports both SharePoint 2010 and 2013
  • Supports custom page URLs
  • Automatically detects all Web Application URLs
  • Downloads full page resources (CSS, JS, images) not just HTML
  • Downloads using Internet Explorer COM automation
  • Great for ECM websites to help populate blob cache
  • Warms up Central Admin too. Faster admin UI experience!

Quick Start
  • Download the release, unpack and rename the script to "SPBestWarmup.ps1"
  • Copy "SPBestWarmup.ps1" on each SharePoint web front end (WFE)
  • Run "SPBestWarmup.ps1 -install" to create the Task Scheduler item
  • Sit back and watch it run

Admin Tip
  • After reboot run this command to manually trigger the job and warm up IIS
  • SCHTASKS /RUN /TN "SPBestWarmup"


Run with Scheduled Task present

Run without Scheduled Task (reminder how to create)

Install to create Scheduled Task

Running this with a different service account than farm might require you to first grant PowerShell access. This will ensure the service account has access to run "Get-SPWebApplication" and read ConfigDB for which URLs to load.

Please drop me a line via email or Twitter @spjeff with ideas. I'm always open to suggestions and improvements.


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